Should I Wait to Buy a House? | The 2022 Houston Real Estate Market

August 11, 2022

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Should I Wait to Buy a House? | The 2022 Houston Real Estate Market
Worldwide inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, a pause in building and development due to the pandemic, and housing shortages lead to an economy with few levers to try to pump the brakes of an ever-increasing inflation rate. The Federal Reserve has chosen to increase interest rates in an effort to discourage the number of people on the market for a house to curb demand, decrease inflation, and avert a recession. However, people find themselves in quite a bind – one of the most inflated prices in the economy is the rental market.
Everybody from your parents to financial advisors and bankers has advised you to purchase a house.
Renting is typically considered a waste of money. The money mantra, “purchase a house now, build equity, and you’ll be a millionaire in no time,” is often repeated. However, this is a misconception. 
Is it smart to buy a house right now? While having an appreciating asset like a house might increase your net worth, it’s not always apparent whether purchasing a property is the wisest financial move for you.
For many people, owning a home is essential to realizing the American Dream of financial freedom. Does it make sense to put that dream on hold in a still-recovering economy? Is it a bad time to buy a house? Buying a house may be bad timing when inflation and loan rates are skyrocketing.

What is Your Credit Score? 

The higher the interest rates, the more crucial it is to improve your credit score. Most lenders use the FICO score to determine your eligibility for a loan. The lowest level is 300, and the highest point is 850.
Mortgage lenders use your credit score to determine a loan’s interest rate and payment conditions. A better offer may be yours if your score is higher. When it comes to the cost of your loan, even a few points might put you in a higher or lower price bracket.
Qualifying for a mortgage is more likely if you have a better credit score. Because of the rising mortgage rates, checking your credit report for any errors that might harm your score is vital. Experts advise targeting a score of at least 700 points.
You can save a significant amount of money on your mortgage if you have good credit. Mortgages are long-term, hefty loans. It is of utmost importance to boost your score before applying for a large-scale purchase such as a mortgage. 
A home loan is something you should think about getting if you have a good credit score and can get a reasonable interest rate for it. If you have a poor credit score, now is probably not a good time to buy a house. Instead, it would help if you focused on improving your credit while you wait for the housing market to stabilize before making a home purchase.
If your credit score isn’t what you’d like it to be and you’re itching to know: should I buy a house now or wait until 2023? Wait to buy a house until a larger inventory is on hand and the real estate market has stabilized. This could take around two years, but you might be able to put away quite a bit of money during that period.

What is the Real Estate Market Like?

There are indications that the record-breaking price increases in the housing bubble seen in the last two years may be slowing down. For the first time in four months, both house price hikes and new home sales fell in April.
However, real estate agents point out that prices of homes in 2022 will increase, although more slowly, because of the persistent housing scarcity. Additionally, higher mortgage rates, which result in high monthly mortgage payments, concern would-be buyers.
Buyers will now spend about two percentage points higher for the same house than they did a year ago, although mortgage rates seem to be leveling off. 
Give yourself time if you need it, especially if you don’t have much in the way of a downpayment.

What Is Your Debt-To-Income Ratio?

Mortgage lenders will overlook some credit card debt on an applicant’s credit report. However, the financing procedure does not consider the money you need to save for retirement or college expenses for your kids. Your budget won’t have much room to spare if your monthly mortgage payment is high.
Are you mulling: should I buy a home now or wait? Rethink your plans to buy a home if it depletes your emergency savings. Don’t put yourself in a dire financial situation where if you lost your job, you wouldn’t have enough funds to meet your mortgage and other bills for at least a few months if the economy worsens and unemployment increases.
Lastly, you are responsible as a homeowner for keeping your house in good working order and making necessary repairs. It’s essential to preserve the value of your house if you want it to rise over time, which may necessitate performing home renovations. In the long run, buying a house before you’re financially ready might hurt you.

What Are Your Needs as a Buyer?

In deciding when to buy a house, everyone in the family must participate. Finding a happy medium between your wants and your family’s needs is essential. While it’s easy to fantasize about owning a home, exercising foresight is critical while making one of life’s most significant financial decisions. The condition of a home, walkability score, curb appeal, school district, and general safety of a neighborhood (in your price range) are all important considerations for homebuyers when deciding whether it is a good or bad time to buy.
Many people desire ready-to-move-in houses with all the latest updates, but if you’re open to looking in other places, you’ll typically find better deals. A shorter commute may save time and money by reducing gas costs. Changing schools may better benefit your child’s growth and allow you to meet new people in a vibrant community.
You might also want to consider less-than-perfect houses that need some work, particularly in new neighborhoods. With the help of other property owners, you may find an affordable place to live, renovate, and become engaged in community organizations. 

Final Thoughts

When will the housing market crash? In the stock market, speculation is rife about an impending recession. If you delay your purchase, you may avoid perhaps overpaying for a property whose value may decline in the approaching economic slump. Furthermore, if the economy slows, the Federal Reserve may be less active in raising borrowing rates, which might help prospective homebuyers looking to lock in a lower mortgage rate. 
To answer your burning question: should I wait to buy a house? Securing a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage when purchasing a home ensures that your monthly payment will remain constant, regardless of home price or interest rate hikes. That’s a big benefit over renting since your landlord can boost your rent to fight inflationary pressures. Competition for rental homes will intensify if homeowners are priced out of the market since rent increases at a higher rate than incomes.
Real estate investment is a big financial step. It’s a personal choice that demands considering long-term objectives and financial readiness, from the downpayment through interest: your work stability, household demands, and housing inventory where you desire to reside all factor in.

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