Red Flags When Buying A Condo

November 2, 2022

Red Flags When Buying A Condo

Many homebuyers, discouraged by the ever-increasing cost of single-family homes, are now focusing their attention on condominiums. A condo provides the same opportunities for equity growth as well as many of the other perks of owning. The trick is to choose a reasonably priced condo that is also competently managed.There are several reasons why condos are excellent investments. A condo is an economical alternative to a detached house and a terrific option for first-time buyers looking for a place to raise a family. You’re putting money toward an eventual purchase of a property requiring much less maintenance than a conventional house. Condominiums’ low entry costs make them attractive to individuals from various family structures and income levels.It’s best to watch out for warning signs when looking at a potential condo, however. These warning signs may prevent you from buying a space that won’t meet your needs in the long run. 

Poor Maintenance On Building

Perhaps this is the most glaring warning sign. Your condo complex’s cleanliness depends largely on your landlord. Condominium residents often pay a monthly maintenance charge for common area maintenance. All communal facilities, including the pool or gym, would fall under this. Removing trash, dusting the lighting fixtures, scrubbing the walls, and sweeping the floors are just a few maintenance jobs that should be performed regularly.

While they may be the first things that spring to mind when you think about condo maintenance, other telltale indicators might point out that management is doing its job. 

Know first how the outside areas are maintained. Ensure the parking lots are well-lit by taking a look around at night. Without enough illumination, the parking lot can easily become a perilous place to navigate after dark.

The building’s façade, including its windows, roof, and walls, is also worth your attention. There should be no repairs that have clearly been neglected for some time or visible signs of wear and tear. This may indicate that the building’s interior and exterior aren’t getting much TLC.

Not only should a person wanting to live in a condo keep these points in mind, but so should a real estate investor. Investors should be wary of buying a condo complex that needs extensive maintenance. It will be quite expensive to fix anything the previous building owner has neglected if they did not do their bit to keep up with the upkeep.


A luxury condo with high HOA fees.


Fees That Are Too Low or Too High


If you’re trying to save money, looking for a complex with reduced homeowner’s association (HOA) costs may seem obvious. However, if a condo’s HOA fees are on the high side, you might pay for extra perks that nobody uses. 

You should factor in HOA fees before making a final purchase decision. Ask your real estate agent to run the numbers on all the condos for sale in your desired neighborhood. How do the monthly fees of your top choices stack up against the competition?

If the price tag is much more than comparable alternatives, it may be a sign that money is being spent wastefully by the condo association or the management company or that a large maintenance project has exhausted the community reserve money. 

Meanwhile, when the condo association’s board of directors or management company requests payment for unforeseen expenses, this is known as a “special assessment.” Inquiring about the frequency of special assessments in a condo complex is easy if you know what questions to ask during a tour. It is your prerogative as a condo buyer to request a copy of the HOA’s financials and get insight into the association’s position in the neighborhood.

Lack Of Sound Insulation

Check the insulation of the walls of a condo you’re considering buying. Subpar sound insulation is a major real estate red flag. If not properly insulated, you can pick up on unwanted noises from everywhere in the building, including those coming from outdoors, other residents, or even other rooms in your own condo.

Insufficient sound insulation may be a major distraction whether you’re trying to focus on your job, sleep, or even watch a movie. Inadequate insulation in a condo building is a recipe for noise pollution since not everyone keeps the same hours. Checking this out on an open house or a weekend is a fantastic idea. 

As an investor, this may be a giant headache since you’d be on the hook for fixing any problems with the actual sound insulation. Potential buyers will be put off if they can hear annoying sounds coming from next door or outdoors. Pricey repairs may be necessary. If you’re thinking about a condominium to buy, you should investigate the insulation of the walls first.

Bad Construction

The building itself is another major red flag when buying a condo. Quality was probably sacrificed in haste to get the structure up and running.

The poorly constructed building may end up with potentially dangerous components, leading to additional costs down the line. It’s possible that local ordinances and building codes were broken during a hurried construction project. It would render the building unsafe for occupants.

Inquire as to the age of the building itself. The building’s age may make it difficult to update the electrical and climate control systems. The reliability of these older systems may likewise be diminished. The heating and power in your condo should be reliable so that you don’t have to worry all the time. 

If you’re looking to purchase a condo, it might be wise to have it examined for any code breaches first. A third-party inspection may shed light on the general state of the building’s safety and your individual unit’s compliance with regulations. You shouldn’t buy a place that ends up costing you money and making you feel unsafe.


Condo building at night showing multiple levels of residences.


Unhappy Residents

Feedback from current tenants is a great way to get a feel of the property. Check to see whether they are keeping up with their rent payments, if they are satisfied with the management, if parking is a problem, if the environment is distracting, and if they feel safe there. 

You need assurance that you can adjust to the local way of life. Get to know the other condo owners in the building or neighborhood before you move in. Ask them how they feel about the condo board representing them, how long they have been there, and if they have any problems with condo living in general.

Your future may be best predicted by the experiences of others. However, keep in mind that there are rotten tomatoes in every garden. One of the neighbors probably has a bad disposition if they are the only ones complaining, while the other neighbors always have something positive to report. It would be best if you got several opinions before settling on anything. 

What To Look For When Buying A Condo

Talk to a real estate agent specializing in condos if you are considering purchasing. It might be a realtor red flag if the exclusive focus of the realtor you’re dealing with is selling homes. They may not know the answers to your queries or may give you misleading information.

Selling a condo vs. a home also presents several unique challenges. An agent specializing in selling homes may not be aware of the special considerations in purchasing a condominium, perhaps leading you astray.

Finally, it’s essential to be truthful about your current situation. Is it practical, for instance, to buy a condo if you want to have a family soon? On the other hand, if you like your own company and prefer quiet, you may want to avoid a complex that is always bustling with activity.


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Red Flags When Buying A Condo

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