What Is The Worst Day To Close On A House

October 11, 2022

What Is The Worst Day To Close On A House
Now that you’ve located your ideal home, you’re prepared to make an offer. Is there a prime day to finalize a home purchase? How about the worst day to close on a house? 
When considering all the challenging decisions that come with purchasing a home, selecting a day and time of the week to close may seem of minimal importance. It’s a far less hand-wringing process than many other home-buying choices. When it comes to the closing day, however, there is probably between $500 and $2,000 riding on the outcome. 
The closing process on real estate deals is fraught with emotions ranging from exhilaration to anxiety. In this piece, we’ll talk about who determines the closure date and when it’s normally planned to take place. We will also discuss the best day to close on a house and the worst days to finalize the purchase of a home.
You may be shocked to find out that the day of the week can significantly impact the total amount of money you spend as well as how swiftly the process is carried out. Continue reading to learn more about this topic!

What To Expect At Closing?

You have reached the end of the application period and know when it will close. It’s probable that your mortgage closing will take place in the office of the lender, the attorney handling the real estate transaction, or the title company. The title insurance, title search, and related documentation for transferring property ownership from seller to buyer are all taken care of by the title firm.
You should bring two pieces of identification and the money you plan to pay, as well as any documents you have signed or received related to the purchase of your property. The following is a rundown of what to expect at closing:
  1. You will review and sign loan paperwork such as a closing disclosure, promissory note, and a deed of trust or mortgage;
  2. You will provide proof of home inspections and homeowner’s insurance, if necessary;
  3. You will pay the down payment, closing costs, interest, tax, and insurance using a certified or cashier’s check. You might also wire this cash beforehand;
  4. Your lender will send the money for your mortgage to the closing agent;
  5. In addition to your regular mortgage payment, your lender may ask you to establish an escrow account to pay your homeowner’s insurance and annual property taxes;
  6. After finalizing the closing documents and paying the necessary payments, you will be given the keys to your new home. 

Which Day Is The Best To Close?

Considerations such as a requirement for legal counsel, a probate issue, or time-sensitive estate, and out-of-town travel should be factored into the closing date. You may either reduce the amount you owe at closing or buy yourself more time to save up for your first mortgage payment by following the recommended practices outlined below.
  1. The date must be convenient for both the house buyer and the seller. When determining the closing date, the seller should give themselves plenty of time to do any necessary repairs and relocate before the new owner takes control. An adequate amount of time must be allotted for the home buyer to submit a mortgage application and finalize the transaction.
  2. Real estate agents and experts will tell you to schedule the closing date far before you want to move in. 
  3. When is the best time to close on a house? For everyone involved to be able to finish all the paperwork on time, experts advise picking a day that is close to the middle of the week. Ready yourself by choosing a day and time that allows for mistakes and life hiccups. If you can secure a Tuesday morning, you’ll be in great shape!
  4. Schedule your closing early in the month, so you have time to save enough for the first mortgage payment.
  5. Closing at the end of the month is also a good idea. Closing fees and interest rates are often lower if you also schedule during the last few days of the month to close.
  6. If you’re a lender, you have a vested interest in seeing the loan close before the commitment period ends. When you do this, you can be confident that you won’t have to renegotiate your loan terms or pay a greater interest rate than initially agreed upon. 

Which Day Is The Worst?

The last Friday of the month is NOT the best time of the month to close on a house or the Friday before a three-day weekend. In other words, it’s the WORST time to close. Never feel obligated to speed through the home-buying process since doing so might lead to costly blunders.
It’s better to close on Wednesdays instead of Mondays or Fridays. Always ensure that your bases are covered (your inspection, mortgage lending, downpayment, etc.). A Friday is the worst day since there is no room for error during the weekend, such as the worst-case scenario of the title company messing up the closing. 

So, When Should You Close?

The closing date usually occurs four to six weeks after the purchase contract is signed, although it might be longer and might take many hours to close.
When you close on a house is paramount. This is perhaps a watershed moment in the property’s history. On this day, the seller will officially transfer ownership of the property to you, and you will get the keys to your new home.
Why is closing on a house so stressful? For buyers, the closing date might be tense since it’s usually the day they find out whether or not their mortgage lender has accepted their loan application. Your closing may be delayed if there are concerns with your application, such as insufficient money in your account or inaccurate information on your credit report.
Finding a closing date that works for both you and the seller may significantly reduce your closing fees and speed up the process of purchasing a house.
You may reduce your closing expenses and simplify the home-buying process by choosing a closing date acceptable to both the buyer and the seller.
What can go wrong at closing? When buying property, the closing date is crucial. A property deal’s success or failure hinges on it. Knowing that you can choose the day you close is exciting, but putting it off usually ends up costing more.
You may save thousands of dollars and prevent missing out on the home of your dreams by just devoting a few minutes to some fast study before you start closing on a house.

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What Is The Worst Day To Close On A House

Now that you’ve located your ideal home, you’re prepared to make an offer. Is there a prime day to finalize a home purchase? How about the worst day to close on a hous… Read more

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