Oak Forest

Oak Forest is unofficially one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Houston. It’s so friendly that the local Starbucks drive-through has the among the highest number of customers who choose to pay for the car behind them. If that doesn’t say friendly neighbors, not sure what would!
The Oak Forest borders include the 610 Loop to the south, US 290 to its west and Ella Blvd. to its east. Oak Forest ends to the north just above 43rd street.
The area that became Oak Forest was annexed by the city of Houston in the 1940s and established in 1947 by Oak Forest Realty Corp. The company, which was owned by Frank Sharp, who would later develop Sharpstown, built one section initially before later developing 17 other sections. It took a year or so for the area to get phone lines and service so in the meantime, residents had to use the phone at the construction shack or the home of Sharp’s niece who lived in one of the first houses. While construction started slow, it rapidly picked up throughout the past several decades and is now the third largest group of subdivisions in Harris County behind Kingwood.
Homes in Oak Forest sit about 20 feet back from the street and 5 feet apart from its neighbors. A good portion of the homes in the area have the original design from the ‘40s and ‘50s — some with their original homeowners still living in them — but newer builds are sprinkled throughout as well. You could find a property in the $350,000 range all the way up to $1 million. Because of this diversity in home prices, Oak Forest residents are similarly diverse. Families tend to be young — there are two elementary schools in the area — and are heavily involved in the community, from little league to volunteer events.
Oak Forest residents are nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Houston, but have easy access to quite a few eateries, including Houston-based Tacos A Go Go and Shipley’s Do Nuts and local favorite, Don Teo’s Mexican Restaurant. With the White Oak Bayou Greenway Trail, you can burn off those delicious calories with a quick visit to the park that borders the neighborhood to its west.

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