Greater Heights

Greater Heights, Houston, TX ticks all the boxes. Out of all the 88 super neighborhoods in the city of Houston, “The Heights, Houston” is in the top 12 of every category possible, including the best neighborhoods for young professionals, buying a house, living in, and raising a family.
Greater Heights is in the top 10 best neighborhoods for young professionals in all of Harris County and the 808th best out of 5,923 neighborhoods in the United States.
The Heights has top marks for health & fitness, ethnic & economic diversity, outdoor activities, jobs, suitability for families, and nightlife. Glowing reviews for the commute, weather, housing, and public schools come at a close second. Find out if you should join the high demand for Greater Heights in Houston.

About Greater Heights

Imagine you were living in 1892. The entrance to Greater Heights has just been built. Stately Victorian mansions line what would be Heights Boulevard. Fast forward to today, young professionals move to Greater Heights for the job opportunities in and out of the Heights area, the suburban small-town feel, and the proximity to downtown Houston.
Greater Heights is located in north-central Houston and is near areas such as the popular Medical Center. Residents of Greater Heights describe the community as great for young adults and their pets, and a friendly, safe place for families with good schools. There are numerous workout facilities, clubs, bars, events, and shops to discover. The famous Trini Mendenhall Community Center is only 12 minutes away and doubles as a recreation facility and gym. 
Young couples and families rave about the restaurants on Main Street and the fun festivals & concerts to attend. Greater Heights has a white linen night tradition where residents and people from the greater Houston area get together for food, drinks, and fun.
Locals describe owners of the growing small businesses as hospitable, loyal, and genuinely helpful.
The community is walkable with the perfect weather for outside activities and fresh, clean air to breathe. Biking and running paths go through the entire neighborhood and lead to nearby green spaces and parks, like Milroy Park and Marmion Park. Locals can take leisurely walks in its many shady boulevards.
Residents swear by the strategic location in the Heights, being ten minutes from everything and an overall excellent place to live. 

Homes in Greater Heights 

Greater Heights is considered a historic district. It was Houston’s first suburb and was a planned community with a vision to contrast crowded downtown Houston and for residents to work and live within a close community setting.
Homes in the Heights include multiple Victorian-style houses that residents and homebuyers alike find full of personality and character. But you can also consistently find new construction in the neighborhood as some citizens choose to modernize older homes and build townhomes & bungalows. 
Houses are spacious and almost always have yards, lawns, garages, and many mature trees. There are virtually no abandoned properties in Greater Heights.
Real estate agents estimate homes have a median home value of $611,396 and a median rent of $1,382. Compare that with the national averages of $217,500 and $1,062, respectively. 57% of houses are resident-owned, while 43% are rental properties. The housing market in Greater Heights is somewhat competitive, as homes sell very fast and are typically expensive.
The community is aptly called the Heights and rests on high ground at approximately 62 feet above sea level if homebuyers are concerned about the infamous Houston floods.

Who Lives in Greater Heights

Many young professionals in and out of state hope to join the 42,142-strong neighborhood of Greater Heights. Residents tend to stay for an average of 18 years after moving in.
The average age is 39, and locals consist of 51% males & 49% females. 66% have a Bachelor’s degree and higher. 40% of citizens have a household income of $150,000 and higher, and the median household income is $115,530. The national average is $62,843.
While Greater Heights is a generally exciting neighborhood, residents also view it as a quiet, clean community for children to grow up in. 19% are families with children.
Locals are described as kind, pleasant, full of life, and accepting of others. Citizens report feeling safe walking the streets at night or for a night out on the town. 
People in the Heights are also health-conscious. It’s common to see citizens doing yoga or CrossFit and running even in 20-degree temperatures. 

Common Questions About Living in Greater Heights


Is Greater Heights Safe?

Based on surveys, most residents feel safe in Greater Heights. There are crimes, but it doesn’t impact them much, and the police are also visible. 
The community has fewer violent crimes than Texas and Houston and less property crime than Houston. Houston has 1,026 violent crimes per 100,000 residents; Greater Heights only has about 392.
The typical type of crime reported in Greater Heights is theft, and property crime makes up most of all crimes. 

How Are the Schools in the Greater Heights?

Greater Heights is part of the Houston Independent School District. Students’ test scores in this area are 8% higher than the national average. Harvard Elementary School comes highly recommended for elementary schools, while Pin Oak Middle School and The Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School are the top two choices for middle schools. Carnegie Vanguard High School is the leading high school.

Is Greater Heights Walkable?

The neighborhood has a Walk Score of 73. Greater Heights is the seventh most walkable neighborhood in Houston, and you can accomplish most errands on foot. The community is very walkable, and there are a lot of parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars nearby.
Greater Heights’ location is northwest of downtown Houston inside the Interstate 610 Loop, which means it is easy to commute. The community is somewhat bikeable.

What Are Popular Things to Do in Greater Heights?

  • Discover antiques at Heights Station;
  • Visit Houston’s Museum District;
  • Support local at The Houston Farmer’s Market;
  • Shop at the Galleria;
  • Enjoy nature at the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens;
  • Scour the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center;
  • Check out Houston’s Downtown Aquarium;
  • Visit Woodland Park.

What Zip Code is Greater Heights?

  • 77008 for The Heights
  • 77009 and 77007 for Greater Heights 

Housing Market Trends in Greater Heights

Residential choices in this area are predominantly small, single-family homes and stand-alone properties with three to four-bedroom layouts.
In polls, residents have expressed that there is a good variety of homes in Greater Heights and that parking is readily available. They also described the neighborhood homes’ exterior and interior quality as excellent. 
In March 2022, sale prices in Greater Heights were up by 6.1% compared to 2021, selling for an average price of $532,000. Homes in Greater Heights sell on average after 23 days in the open market compared to 38 days last 2021. There were 362 houses sold in March 2022, down from 388 last year.

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