8 Safest Neighborhoods In Houston

May 1, 2022

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8 Safest Neighborhoods In Houston

Is Houston, Texas safe? There’s no sugarcoating it: Houston isn’t the safest city in Texas or America in terms of crime statistics. Bayou City is also in the top ten most prone places to natural disasters in the United States.  

Still, people are moving to Houston by the hundreds each day, and travelers are flying in from all over the world to see Space City up close.  

It’s worth noting that the published high crime rates are only for the worst neighborhoods in Houston, and visitors can avoid being surprised by hurricanes and floods through smart planning. So is Houston a good place to live? There’s no doubt that residents can safely live in Houston, and tourists can freely explore the city to their heart’s content. Navigate Houston and live safely by being vigilant and staying in the safest neighborhoods in Houston.  

Safest Neighborhoods In Houston In 2023  

Whether you’re growing a family or simply being strategic with your stay in the Houston area, it goes without saying that you would only want a safe environment and the best place to work and live in. Some of the other factors you might consider while you deliberate the best neighborhoods in Houston for you are the cost of living in Houston, the crime rate, the home prices, and great schools.

Spring Branch North

Spring Branch North leads the list as a diverse, family-friendly, and quiet neighborhood with little to no crime. Current residents describe neighbors as friendly and mainly consist of families with children and the elderly. Restaurants, excellent schools, parks, laundromats, and even downtown Houston are in close proximity. Many home buyers also choose Spring Branch North as their residence for its football and baseball community. 

Zipcode: 78070

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 911 per 100,000 people

Property crime: 3,572 per 100,000 people

Average House Cost: $334,613

Average Rent: $850

More about Spring Branch here


If you’re looking for a nice neighborhood in Houston that is safe, welcoming, and teeming with nearby thriving businesses, Westchase is for you. Also known as the International District, Westchase is culture-rich and has hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, dog parks, gyms, and green spaces within walking distance. Westchase’s lower flood risk, numerous job opportunities, especially in hospitality, and close radius to main highways and freeways make it one of the best neighborhoods in Houston. 

Zip Codes: 77057, 77063

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 1,335 per 100,000

Property crime: 4,643 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $389,000

Average Rent: $1,182


Midtown is one of the best areas in Houston to live a healthy, outdoorsy, and family-oriented life while being close to downtown. Walk freely along the Buffalo Bayou trails and the neighborhood parks during the day and feel safe reveling in the vibrant nightlife when the sun goes down. Midtown, Houston’s affordable and reasonable cost of living sets it apart as well from other neighborhoods in Houston.

Zip Codes: 77002, 77004, 77006

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 503 per 100,000

Property crime: 1,672 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $339,753

Average Rent: $1,639

More about Midtown here

Sugar Land

Life in Sugar Land is sweet and safe with top-tier public schools, multiple housing options for families, singles and retirees, and an evident police force. Children bike peacefully and safely to and from their schools. Businesses close early to protect the citizens from robbery and theft.

Fun events bring the already warm, friendly, and accepting community closer. Locals also enjoy a sense of financial security as Sugar Land boasts of low taxes. 

Zip Codes: 77479, 77487, 77496, 77498

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 57 per 100,000

Property crime: 1,067 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $421,212

Average Rent: $1,274


Perhaps the safest place to live in Texas, there is a focus on crime and safety at Fulshear. Police respond quickly and are constantly patrolling. Citizens strictly impose speed limits in the school zones.

Locals describe the Fulshear community as homey and tight-knit. Residents also depict Fulshear as a serene, calm, and idyllic neighborhood. You can safely stroll on the many lakes and walkways and easily access the energy corridor and downtown. 

Zip Codes: 7706, 77441

Crime Rate 

Violent crime: 21 per 100,000

Property crime: 390 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $595,000

Average Rent: $1,035


Some have said that theft and loitering are unheard of in Friendswood. Their police are visible and friendly. People from Friendswood are proud of their community and are kind.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, locals helped one another through the struggle. The neighborhood shares a sense of togetherness (a Friendswood Bubble exists in the town), and each resident knows their neighbors. Friendswood is family-friendly with multiple parks and a low crime rate.  

Zip Codes: 77089, 77546, 77549, 77598

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 88 per 100,000

Property crime: 574 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $418,568

Average Rent: $1393


Kingwood is called the “Livable Forest.” The community works hard to preserve Kingwood’s forest state by turning down the construction of skyscrapers as much as possible. Kingwood’s quintessential bedroom community may not have trendy restaurants and bars, but it has a great family vibe with sports leagues, summer swim leagues, pools, and parks. It has reduced flooding plans in place, and residents have expressed that Kingwood is generally not dangerous, even at night. 

Zip Codes: 77325, 77339, 77345, 77346

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 88 per 100,000

Property crime: 574 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $304,000

Average Rent: $936


Bellaire takes pride in its secure public parks and its citizens walking in the community worry-free. Late-night trips to convenience stores are easy and safe. 

Zip Codes: 77401 and 77402

Crime Rate

Violent crime: 109 per 100,000

Property crime: 1773 per 100,000

Average House Cost: $1,014,000

Average Rent: $1,236

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