11 Reasons To Move To Houston In 2022

April 14, 2022

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11 Reasons To Move To Houston In 2022

Perhaps you’re from a small town, one you’ve lived in for far too long. Unintimidated by the country’s fourth-largest city, you set out to fulfill your dreams and showcase your talents in the big city of Houston, Texas.

You could have chosen other major cities like New York City or Los Angeles, but a Houston move thrills you the most. 

You’ve been enticed by the idea of working at a Fortune 500 company in the Bayou City, avoiding state income tax, enjoying a low cost of living as well as an inimitable food scene, a melting pot of cultures, world-class medical care, outstanding schools, sports teams, and affordable homes. 

Let this blog confirm your decision. Texan Pride is real –  75% of born Texans never leave and roughly 250 new residents move to Houston a day.

Job Opportunities

With a massive job market like no other city in the country and a wide variety of industries to forge a career in, no wonder fresh graduates, professionals, growing families, and entrepreneurs are relocating to Houston, Texas, in droves. Individuals can seek their fortune in technology, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, and even the aerospace industry. 

Moving to Houston or relocating to Houston is worth the while for many. The average salary in Houston is a cool $74,000. ExxonMobil Corporation, Emerson Electric Co, and Schlumberger are some of the best places to work, and the most popular professions in Houston are Mechanical Engineer, Operations Manager, and Project Manager roles.

Living In Houston Is More Affordable Than In Many Other Major Metropolitans


Reasonable Cost Of Living

You don’t have to struggle to make ends meet when living in Houston, Texas. Houston’s cost of living is 2% lower than the national average. Experts put the average cost of living in Texas at $1,502. Let’s compare that with New York, which is at $2,176, and $2,171 for Los Angeles. 

Here are a few sample fees when living in Houston to persuade you:

  • $2.54 for a gallon of gas
  • Doctor’s visit: $100.97
  • Energy bill: $185.43

Affordable Homeownership

Two reasons why Houston is a great place to live: affordable housing and a better chance at living a middle-class existence. The median home price nationally is $291,700, while the median house price in Houston is $220,000. Neighborhoods like East End and Montrose have the most reasonably priced living and working spaces. 

Monthly rent is a relatively low cost too. A one-bedroom apartment in City Center is $1,000+, and a one-bedroom apartment outside the City Center is around $700+.

If you’re looking into sharing rent, you can find a roommate via Kangaroom, Metro Roommates, Craigslist, and Easyroommate.

Great Schools


Public Education

Is Houston, Texas, a good place to live for families? As a young adult, starting a family may be far from your mind, but it’s good to know that your future children have good schools to go to. 

Houston is home to several top-rated schools like the Challenge Early College High School, Debaker High School, and Carnegie Vanguard High School. 

KIPP Shine Prep is one of the best elementary schools located in Houston, while the Mandarin Immersion Magnet School is considered one of the finest middle schools in Houston. 

The Spring Branch neighborhood has a highly-rated school district, and the family-friendly Woodlands suburb is known for its excellent schools and is the #1 best city to live in America.

Access To All Of Texas’ Top Universities

Maybe one of your personal reasons as to why you’d like to move to Houston is to attend graduate school or take a second course. Take your pick from the over 40 universities and colleges in the metro area. If prestige is what you’re aiming for, Texas Southern University, the University of Houston, and Rice University are among the top universities in the whole United States.

World-Class Healthcare  

One of the good things about Houston, Texas, is its top-notch medical centers. Something about being in proximity to good healthcare brings peace of mind. 

Two notable facilities are the Texas Medical Center, which is larger than the city of Dallas itself, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, which aims to cure five types of cancer. 

You’re in for good news if you’re a medical professional moving to Houston. Medical occupations are some of the highest-paid in the city. 

Obstetricians and gynecologists, family medicine physicians, surgeons, and anesthesiologists are in the top five highest-paying jobs. 

No Income Tax

Houston takes pride in having a laissez-faire policy. This approach means that the government adequately supports its residents while only minimally interfering with their lives. In line with this, the state does not collect taxes from the income of Houstonians. 

However, one of the pros and cons of living in Houston is the sales tax of 8.25%. It is still a great deal compared to, say, the 13.30% income tax collected by California on top of other taxes. The average Houston citizen pays about $3,500 in taxes annually. 

Incredible Food

Perhaps you have no other reason to live in Houston but eat your way through its 11,000 restaurants and the Cajun and Tex-Mex galore.

Mix things up and have breakfast tacos, Banh Mi, Pho, Tamales, and BBQ in this international foodie town.

When you’re feeling fancy, make a reservation at nationally recognized restaurants of James Beard Award-winning chefs. 

Racially diverse cities like Houston have something to offer to please every palate. 

Hundreds Of Attractions


Outdoor Activities

You’ll appreciate life in Houston if you love green spaces and spending time outdoors. 

Imagine this: there are 50,000 acres of outdoor parks in Houston. That means there are 22 acres for every 1000 residents to enjoy. The national average is 12 acres per 1000 residents. 

One of the year’s highlights is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Two million fans flock to experience major concerts, rodeo action (with real-life cowboys), and the exhibition of the finest livestock. The charity event benefits agricultural practices, education, and the youth. 

Locations in Houston are either outside or inside the Interstate 610 loop. The Inner Loop encircles Downtown, residential neighborhoods, and newer high-density townhouse developments and apartments. Outside the loop, the vibe is more suburban with major business districts such as Energy Corridor, Westchase, and Uptown.  

Major Sports Teams

When you move to Houston, know that you are moving to a sports destination. Houstonians took being the Space City to heart and named their major sports teams the Houston Rockets (basketball), Houston Astros (baseball), Houston Dynamo FC (soccer), and of course, the Houston Texans (football). 

The Arts

Living in Houston is not all food, sports, and rodeo. In the heart of Downtown Houston is the Houston Theater District. See a broadway show at the Hobby Center, head to the Wortham Theater for the Houston Ballet or the Houston Grand Opera, and be entranced by the live music at the Bayou Music Center.

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