How to Host an Open House

June 1, 2022

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How to Host an Open House
Are you looking for a fun way to get the word out about your home for sale? Or are you in need of a few first open house tips?
Whether you’re doing an FSBO open house or working with a Realtor®, an open house event is a fantastic alternative to posting flyers and uploading your listing on social media. Hosting a successful open house can mean promising offers from multiple serious buyers.
While anyone selling a property can throw an open house, it takes more than hiring a Realtor® and simply opening your door. Marketing your property, attracting eligible buyers, and making an open house worthwhile requires careful planning. 
Although there is no specific open house checklist for sellers for the ultimate open house, you can follow the open house tips below to ensure a successful day for all.

Deep Clean and Declutter

Depersonalizing your home, clearing out the clutter, and giving it a thorough cleaning are the first steps in setting up an open house. Attract potential buyers and get a top price for your home by not skipping these crucial steps.
Before anyone ever walks through the house, deep clean any areas that people will see and put away any personal items out in the open. Depersonalizing a home allows prospective buyers to better see themselves living there which increases the likelihood of making a purchase. 
Open house preparation may also include anything from extensive renovations to small touch-up work around the home. Renting a storage container will free up room in your house and closets and can make the process of relocating more manageable.
To make the place smell fresh and clean, shampoo the carpets and spray a light fragrance or burn a few candles. 
On the day of the open house, the house should be neat, clean, and in order. A few minor things can be spruced up on the day of, but in general, the property should be substantially ready for viewing.

Stage the Home

Staging refers to the design and décor of a space, including the selection and positioning of furniture as well as the neutralization of the overall color scheme. You stage a home to attract as many prospective buyers as possible, which eventually results in an offer. 
You need to make sure that your listing highlights the house’s full potential before you allow prospective buyers to see it. At this point, professional home staging may be a huge help.
Besides cleaning and furniture staging, make sure the driveway is clear, there is ample lighting throughout the home, and buyers have access to refreshments. 

Beautify the Landscape

Creating a well-maintained and well-presented yard is also an excellent way to make a positive first impression on your visitors. Keep your home’s outside as spotless as the inside by mowing the grass, storing tools and recreational equipment, and organizing outdoor decorations.
Ensure that the mulch has been touched up, add a few potted plants, and a clean doormat. Make sure no litter or trash is lying about in the area, sweep off the patio, and wipe off patio furniture. Every little detail makes a difference!

Print Property Description Sheets

Prospective buyers will have lots of questions, so make sure you anticipate them by typing up an information sheet outlining all anyone would need to know about the property – its construction, how many square feet it has, and how big the land is, among other things. Showcase particular features, such as a well-kept garden or a new HVAC, to a possible buyer.
You may also need to supply an open house sign-in sheet to keep track of each guest’s details. Make use of a sign-in sheet, whether electronic or paper-based, to keep track of visitors.

Spread the Word

If you want your open house to be a smashing success, the preparation you put in beforehand is where the real magic happens. Your ability to promote your property effectively might be much more significant than its aesthetic appeal.
First, you or your Realtor® should shoot quality photos or videos of the home. After that, share the video on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, NextDoor and any others that you can utilize to generate interest in the event. You may want to think about buying an ad on Facebook or real estate websites or putting an ad in online community groups serving your local area.
Next, since not everyone is on Facebook or other social media, you should invest in signage. Ensure the open house signs convey that this is not a typical open house. Promote it as a fun and exciting event to get many people to your listing.
Make a flier that contains information about the open house and your listing on the real estate market, and put it on community bulletin boards in your area. Include your contact information and any pertinent directions. Even if it does not result in as many attendees at the event as planned, it may still benefit your marketing efforts since it will increase the number of people aware of your listing.
One last step is to get in touch with your real estate agent and other agent connections. This may inspire them to spread the word and bring a potential home buyer or two to see the place, which will enhance the amount of traffic you get.

Dress Accordingly

Remember that you are also promoting yourself when you host an open house, so dress nicely and professionally. Opt for business-casual clothing to set a professional yet personal tone. Talk clearly as well, and be sure to have a cheerful and kind tone in your voice!
You never know when buyers and sellers might show interest in doing business with you based on how you presented yourself and how you treated them, so be a friendly and polite host to everyone who turns up, even if they aren’t exactly interested in the property you’re selling.

Interact With Guests

Pay attention closely to the following if you’re wondering what to do at an open house. Your open house will lose its thrill and interest if you follow your visitors around from room to room. It’s easier to close a transaction when a buyer has a positive emotional connection to a property because of the positive feelings of a laid-back atmosphere.
Unlike private showings, open houses should feel like casual get-togethers. Light candles, open the windows, and consider sending your youngsters to stay with relatives or friends to help establish the mood. Put up your sign and be ready to meet new people and get information. 
Your approach and attitude will significantly influence visitors to your home. You should expect to receive a lot of “just looking” comments, but don’t worry. It isn’t just about selling a house; it’s about selling the notion of a future home as a place where families can gather and create lasting memories.
It’s best to not be pushy while interacting with potential buyers. As the last step, solicit feedback. Ask them whether they’d be interested in buying the property and what they liked about it.
Be prepared for most individuals to walk away without answering any of your questions, even if you ask them in a casual manner.

Final Thoughts

Although we have touched on several open house viewing tips for sellers, it’s impossible to walk through every conceivable circumstance that may arise when you’re the one hosting the open house. Know that it’s okay not to be completely ready and radiate with self-assurance each time.
Holding open houses is a strategic move in realizing your personal and financial goals. The presence of an experienced Realtor® will help you be ready for the peculiarities that might crop up in an open house.
Should you, for instance, postpone an open house if the weather forecast for the day will be pouring rain? Safety is something else to think about when planning how to do an open house. It’s imperative that you always know who is in your home and for you to team up with a trustworthy Realtor® during the open house.
While you can’t anticipate everything, you can be well-prepared and make lots of smart choices that are certain to make a good impression on potential buyers. 
If you’re an interested homebuyer, here are some tips for going to an open house

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