Best Neighborhoods in Houston to Trick-or-treat

September 14, 2022

Best Neighborhoods in Houston to Trick-or-treat
There is no doubt in our minds that you, like us, are counting down the days ‘til Halloween. Luckily, there are a lot of fantastic places to trick-or-treat in Houston, so don’t worry if your own street isn’t ideal.
As the well-being of your children is naturally your first concern, we have highlighted where to trick-or-treat in Houston safely. And of course, all the best candy, costumes, and decorations are in these areas. The kids are going to give you a lot of praise. How many of these best neighborhoods in Houston to trick-or-treat will you visit for Halloween?

The Heights

The Heights area is noted for its elaborate celebrations of holidays like Halloween. The Heights is one of our favorite Houston neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating because of its historic homes, convenient sidewalks, and peaceful streets.
They put as much work into the treats as they do on Halloween decorations. The abundance of candy will please your children, and the opportunities for eerie pictures will not disappoint you. If you’re looking for a pleasant and safe trick-or-treating spot, The Heights is the place to go.


Which is the best trick-or-treating neighborhood? When it comes to safe and convenient trick-or-treating, Bellaire, TX, tops the charts nationally. You can also simply enjoy a stroll taking in the beauty of the large homes.
If you want to take the kids trick or treating in Houston this Halloween, Bellaire is one of the busiest neighborhoods for it. For many years, Bellaire has been ranked as one of the best places to trick-or-treat in Houston with your kids due to the neighborhood’s high level of Halloween enthusiasm, the number of people who live there who get in on the fun, and the fact that it is safe and easy to navigate on foot.


Gorgeous homes dot this north central area, and it’s within walking distance to the city’s premiere shopping and entertainment destination, the Galleria!
Every year, Briargrove goes all out for Halloween, and the community pulls together on the weekends to make it happen. The annual event generates so much enthusiasm that participants are motivated to keep doing it yearly.

The Museum District

Instead of just going from house to house in search of candy, visitors visiting the Museum District may experience something a little bit different. Every year around Halloween, the Children’s Museum of Houston transforms into the Monster’s Museum and hosts a free Halloween celebration for families called Moe’s Monster Mash Bash.

Cole’s Crossing

With its strict speed restrictions, low traffic flow, and wide streets, Cole’s Crossing is ideal for raising a family. There is no need to fear your children playing outside in the neighborhood alone. Cole’s Crossing is a secure and fun place to live and hang out in the city. 
A large and lively neighborhood, Coles Crossing, goes all out for Halloween. Many locals go the extra mile with their eerie Halloween displays. Children will have a fantastic time trick-or-treating here.


Last year, families in CityCentre in West Houston had the chance to go on a district-wide trick-or-treat hunt for yummy treats. It didn’t matter whether it was sunny or stormy; everyone went trick-or-treating with their own bags.

River Oaks

River Oaks homeowners so meticulously decorate their houses for Halloween that passing motorists may think pros have staged them. Many have! Never ones to let trick-or-treaters down, the good people of River Oaks store up on candy and other treats to ensure that all trick-or-treaters, whether they live in River Oaks or not, will have a happy Halloween.


In the Houston area, Midtown is where the action is at. People of all ages flock to Midtown to get a taste of the exciting nightlife, its proximity to schools and universities, and the many parks and playgrounds popular with children. The Cinco De Midtown and MLK Grande Parade are only two examples of the wackiest celebrations that Midtown has annually, and Halloween is no exception. 


Montrose’s Witches’ Night Out gaming event will be one for the books.
The Montrose Center will be hosting a Halloween party on October 22nd from 5 PM to 9 PM, with games, refreshments, and screenings of Hocus Pocus 1 and 2! Invite your loved ones to this spectacular Halloween night without spending a dime. Come in your finest Halloween outfit, and you may win a great prize at their costume contest! The Houston Transgender community will get 100% of the revenue from all sales and contributions.

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