The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Houston for Families

July 21, 2022

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The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Houston for Families
Moving your family to a new city or state after deciding to sell your house is fraught with terrifying uncertainties. Are you going to enjoy your new city? Where in town should you purchase a home?
Your daily quality of life may suffer in the long run due to your decisions. You’ll want to discover which communities are the best neighborhoods in Houston for families if you’re considering purchasing a property there.
One of the greatest joys in life is raising a family. The decision of where to establish roots and keep your family home will be one of the many obligations that come along with that fantastic experience. Here are some of the top Houston communities to consider as you prepare for, grow into, or raise a family.

What Makes a Good Neighborhood for Families?

Families should think about factors like the neighborhood’s culture, the district’s quality of schools, and the commute time to work when deciding which are the best Houston neighborhoods. Throw in a high ranking from Niche users, and you’re all set.
Houston is a creative and culturally rich city with great weather, professional sports, and a booming food scene. If you’re thinking about moving here, you’ve already made a great choice.
Houston is one of Texas’ top cities for livability. There are plenty of best places to live in Houston for families and fascinating things to do in this giant metropolis, which is over 600 square miles and home to seven million people.

Best Houston Neighborhoods for Families


The Heights

Check out life in the Heights if a Bungalow, Craftsman, Queen Anne, or Victorian style home is your ideal aesthetic. This historic district is packed with fantastic pubs and restaurants and is one of Houston’s best neighborhoods for walkability.
In the Heights, block celebrations and street festivals are highly prevalent and enjoyed annually. Two of the most well-liked events in the neighborhood are White Linen Nights and Lights in the Heights.
The local businesses in this area are critical to the community. There are even block parties whose core emphasis is promoting local companies. In this spot in town, you are guaranteed to find top-notch antique shopping.
Due to the area’s status as a historical city landmark, there are severe restrictions on the kinds of residences and businesses that homeowners can construct. As a result, it has the endearing appearance of a bygone town. In the Heights, houses often cost $800,000. 

River Oaks

The enclave of River Oaks is regarded as the apex of Houston real estate and is one of the city’s most spectacular old money districts. Historic homes and live oak trees line the beautiful streets of River Oaks.
This community is proud of its long history and the many ways its members have influenced the course of the city. Although other Houston communities may come and go, River Oaks is a permanent fixture.
In addition, it’s a great spot for entertainment and shopping. Visit the Landmark Theater and some of Houston’s most acclaimed eateries, like La Griglia and Brasserie 19.
In River Oaks, a house will typically set you back $2.2 million.


It’s virtually impossible to resist falling in love with Tanglewood, the ideal area for anyone looking for a private house in the woods with quick access to the city.
Although it is located just outside 610 Loop and is close to all of Houston’s top conveniences and attractions, this lovely neighborhood offers its inhabitants a wooded haven.
You can see some of the city’s finest rates of increase in property and home values in the Tanglewood neighborhood. Houston’s most well-known citizens, such as George and Barbara Bush and Joel Osteen, have also called it home.
If you’re searching for a picturesque, peaceful neighborhood with some of Houston’s most well-to-do but most affable individuals, Tanglewood is the place to be.
Home prices in Tanglewood range from $1.6 million to $1.8 million. 


One of Houston’s most innovative and fashionable neighborhoods is the artsy, colorful, bohemian Montrose. The average review compares it to lively Austin, TX. Residents may find a ton of vintage shops, unique bars, and laid-back eateries in Montrose. In addition, it is close to Houston’s Museum District and offers top-notch live music and numerous art galleries.
Anyone wishing to be at the center of Houston’s artistic, musical, and cultural scene should live in this area of the city. The LGBTQIA community in the town is centered there as well. 
Montrose has a $600,000 median home price.


Bellaire’s neighborhood is, in fact, a city unto itself, just like West University. It is close to numerous shopping malls like the Galleria and close to Downtown Houston.
Best neighborhoods in Houston for families? Bellaire is a top area for families as it has larger lots than West University.
The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and the Evelyn Rubenstein Community Center are two major Jewish institutions in the Bellaire neighborhood, which also has a vibrant Jewish community.
In Bellaire, houses often cost $1 million or so. 


Are you looking for a hip and quirky area in Houston? Visit Houston’s thriving Midtown district. Many young professionals live in this neighborhood, which is close to Texas Medical Center and the city center.
Living in this highly walkable area of Houston will provide you access to the hippest bars, restaurants, museums, and stores. Despite the neighborhood’s increasing popularity, it continues to be among the Inside Loop’s most cost-effective communities.
Like downtown, it’s simple to find a luxury condo in Midtown, but there are also lots of lovely apartments, lofts, and single-family homes in the neighborhood. 
The average price of a home in Midtown is about $400,000.


One of Houston’s best communities for a blend of the suburban and urban atmosphere is Memorial. Check out Memorial if you’re seeking a rural location that is close to city conveniences.
The Memorial neighborhood, located halfway between Energy Corridor and Downtown Houston, is the perfect place to establish a peaceful, more private lifestyle. Additionally, it has the Katy and Spring Branch school districts, which are both of very high caliber.
Memorial offers several other advantages, including a golf club, a country club, and the Galleria and Memorial City Mall, all easily drivable shopping centers. In Memorial, there are also a ton of cafes, dining establishments, and entertainment opportunities.
Large classic and modern single-family homes, as well as attached homes, may be found among the homes for sale in Memorial. The houses have large, wooded lots and are adjacent to some of the nicest parks in the city. 
Just a 20-minute drive away from Downtown Houston, Memorial offers the best of suburban living. A home in Memorial typically costs $500,000 to purchase.

Best Houston Suburbs for Families


Spring Branch

One of Houston’s more prominent communities, Spring Branch, offers a lifestyle reminiscent of the nearby Memorial area. In this welcoming area in Houston, there is plenty of room for construction.
Even before Houston was recognized as a city, Spring Branch had its beginnings as a purely German settlement in the 1800s. A nice neighborhood in Houston with remarkable diversity, Spring Branch stands out as a great place for families.
If you want to experience Houston’s vibrant diversity without giving up the idea of owning a large home and land, Spring Branch is one of the best communities to reside in. Spring Branch is a neighborhood in Houston that is ideally situated between the big city and the finest suburbs, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Spring Branch homes are $460,000 on average cost.


Are you searching for the best Houston suburbs for families? Our ranking of the best suburbs of Houston for families is led by the tranquil community of Richmond, which offers a variety of housing options, including craftsman, farmhouse, and ranch-style homes on spacious lots. 
The football, volleyball, baseball, and soccer fields of George Park will appeal to active families. Storytime, homework assistance, and tutoring are just a few of the many activities offered for kids and teenagers at the George Memorial Library.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands is one of the best places to live in Houston with a family. Woodlands community is a fantastic option for Houstonians looking for a peaceful, forested suburb. This 28,000-acre master-planned community is only 30 minutes from Houston and offers everything.
In addition to superb walking trails, biking, kayaking, and outdoor amphitheaters, the Woodlands offers a wide range of facilities. On the weekends, take the family for a lakeside ride in a swan boat.
For people who enjoy the outdoors and nature or want to lead an active lifestyle, The Woodlands is a wealthy neighborhood that fits the bill. If you prefer to relax and take in nature, it’s also perfect. Current residents of the Woodlands enjoy a variety of activities, including tennis, golf, and kayaking.
With a good number of stores, eateries, cafes, and green areas, The Woodlands also provides a flavor of metropolitan living.
The community of Woodlands places a high priority on education. While residing in this neighborhood, you can be confident that your kids will attend some of the greatest schools in the Houston area.
In the Woodlands, homes cost an average of about $500,000, although many are on the market for more than $1 million.

Sugar Land

Fancy raising children in one of Houston’s safest neighborhoods and one with the lowest costs of living to boot? Suggestion: Sugar Land! Sugar Land, one of the largest city suburbs, is situated southwest of the metro area and offers everything a family might need, including roomy housing, low crime rates, community-focused activities, and an abundance of things to do on the weekends.
Families have access to highly regarded public schools like Walker Station Elementary School and Clements High School because Sugar Land is also a part of the Fort Bend ISD.
$283,400 is the median purchase price in Sugar Land. 


Small town Katy is the finest area to live in Houston if you place high importance on good schools. The Katy Independent School District is well known for having the top schools in the area.
You will only be a few miles from Houston’s key job hubs if you live in Katy, which is well-situated between Memorial City and the Energy Corridor.
You can locate master-planned communities and walkable neighborhoods in this area of Katy if you’re looking to buy a house. Select from Young Ranch, Cinco Ranch, Pine Mill Ranch, and Seven Meadows. Additionally, Katy provides affordable possibilities for quality apartment living.
Katy has everything you might desire for your family, with entertainment centers, parks, retail complexes, and some of the best schools in Houston.

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